The most fundamental job for a talented interior designer is to creatively transform any physical space by intelligently solving functional requirements while creating higher aesthetic and perceptual value through design. What makes one designer more distinctive from another is a unique vision, as well as accessibility to the materials and resources that are necessary to produce each design.

Clarke Architectural designs, manufactures, and distributes bathtubs, lavatories, and shower bases for international clients that are looking for something truly special. Our products are recognized as works of art and are intended to be the focal point to any space in which they are displayed.

Developed in collaboration with internationally established architectures and designers, we offer museum quality creations designed to be centerpieces of any bathroom.  All of products are manufactured in the USA, which enables us to offer our full line at an exceptional value.

All Clarke Architectural products are made from a proprietary material named OMOXO™. This material is an acrylic resin compound that is smooth to the touch and comes in a matte white finish by default. Each product from our collection can be detailed to a satin finish upon specification.

Please contact our team for assistance in specifying a product for an application well as a free consultation and recommended product offerings.


Clarke Architectural Design Department

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