Clarke Architectural products are made exclusively of OMOXO™ solid surface compound. This proprietary formulation is comprised of a high concentration of resin as a bonding agent, plus polymerized granules to develop the beautiful color and distinctive finish utilized throughout our entire product line. Although more expensive to manufacture, we strongly believe in using only premium grade materials to achieve a natural beauty that can stand up to the rigors of daily use without compromise. Clarke Architectural solid surface products are manufactured exclusively in the United States. Each piece is hand detailed to a matte or satin finish. Go beyond simple expectations of traditional bath products, and choose to showcase a functional piece of art that is both timeless in design and built for life.


ATH is a primary ingredient in OMOXO® Solid Surface material. This accounts for 70% of the total make up of the product. ATH is a natural rock-form product which is excavated from quarries. Clarke Architectural uses only the finest quality ATH supplied from Europe to fulfill the color requirements of the solid surface casting.


The binder in our solid surface material is polyester resin. This enables our products to have a stronger surface hardness, better color fastness, water absorption, and chemical and heat resistance.


All Clarke Architectural products are manufactured using a continuous vacuum mixer called a RESPECTA VacuCast®, which mixes the OMOXO® compound into the perfect consistency while removing air bubbles from the material. This exclusive OMOXO® formulation is then pumped into a mold until the matrix sets. Our method produces the cleanest, whitest, and most supple solid surface cast product in the market.


A medium reactive Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) is liquid peroxide which added to our formula at room temperature for accelerating gel and cure-time. Within about 30 minutes, the OMOXO® material sets and a technician will break the mold to reveal a product resembling modern sculpture. At this point, it is moved to a master craftsman for finishing.


After the molds have been removed, the product is transported to a finishing bay where master craftsman finish the product through hand sanding. Each bathtub, lavatory, or shower base is crafted with such meticulous detail that it takes hours to finish each piece to a level that can be considered a work of art.